Versilia and the Apuan Coast correspond to the geographic region of interest to the part of the province of Lucca and Massa Carrara between the mountain range of the Apuan Alps, which runs parallel to the coast, and the coast. It is a renowned bathing area on the Tuscan Sea (part of the Ligurian Sea also called the Alto Tirreno). The coastal riviera has a strong tourist vocation with an extensive sandy coastline and a lively worldly activity. Some municipalities, in particular Pietrasanta, have focused heavily on cultural tourism, which has led to a very diversified tourism in the area compared to that of the past, which essentially sought relaxation and disengaged fun. The climate of the Versilia coast is temperate warm and given its position close to the Apuan Alps, it is greatly influenced by the Atlantic wet currents. Based on climatic averages, Versilia enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate. In the low hills, the climate is instead transitional to the Mediterranean, in the high sub-Mediterranean hills in a warm summer, in the low oceanic mountains, while in the high oceanic-subpolar mountains. In individual areas at high altitudes, the climate can be defined as temperate cold at altitude: subarctic with cool summer.

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