Pontremoli, Massa-Carrara, Toscana, Italia
For Sale 230.000€ Tr. - Farms
P042 450 mq 8 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms 1 Garage 1700 Year Built 10.300 mq TERRENO

In a splendid position, gently sloping, very favorable exposure (open to the south-west) for the cultivation-restoration of vineyards and / or olive groves and / or orchards, etc.
Total land area: over one hectare in a single body (10,318 sqm land registry).
The property is already served by an aqueduct and ENEL connection; Presence of a spring within the property (the collection works to be restored, but in the previous years it has always been of excellent potability).
The BUILDING bodies, all in exposed stone masonry, are made up as follows:
• Housing already LIVING: already classified as “collabente building”, structurally in good general condition, new ceiling and roof, almost completed anti-seismic consolidation works (currently suspended), consisting of:
1. on P. Basement n ° 3 large vaulted cellars and adjoining canopy to be transformed into a terrace-porch (according to current project) – tot. about sqm. 126;
2. to P. Terra various living environments (with the possibility of defining the spaces having only the main walls as a constraint) – tot. about sqm. 112;
3. on P.1 ° various living areas (with the possibility of defining the spaces as above) – tot. about sqm. 73;
4. N.B. – the surfaces indicated for the housing are NET (or “WALKABLE”), while the thicknesses of the “master” walls are of the order of 50 – 70 cm.
• 2. Former STALLE-FIENILE body: already classified as “collabente building”, structurally in poor condition (collapsed roof, subsidence and widespread injuries); “General renovation project” to be defined, also subject to the intended use of the entire property complex (if transformed into a country-loft, it will entail modest urbanization costs; anti-seismic consolidation works.
Currently the P. Basement consists of two large vaulted rooms (former stables) and adjoining canopy (now demolished) to be rebuilt from scratch, transforming it into a terrace-porch (according to the current project); on the ground floor from a single large roof space (former barn) with a useful height of about 4.50 meters. (partially loft). All this, for a total GROSS area of ​​approx. 230.
• 3. STAIRCASE body: obtained with the transformation of the unsafe pre-existence in de-graded brick (superfetation of the 1950s), developed from the P.S. on P.1 °, where it ends with a large terrace of about 33 square meters; it can be used as a “common” and / or “connecting” body (both planimetrically and “in height”) between the two previous bodies, with which it is interspersed, or it could be incorporated by one of the two; even in the latter case, both buildings would remain independent, easily accessible at all levels. All this, for a total NET area of ​​approx. 96.

• 4. Stone farmhouse (former SECCATOIO): small building of approx. 20, located a few meters from the main buildings, classified as “storage room – Category C / 2”; it could have various uses.

• AIA-COURT paved, in front of the buildings already described, for a total area of ​​over square meters. 90. The entire building is undergoing renovation; to date, important works of consolidation and anti-seismic improvement have been carried out, which have affected all the structural members of the building: walls, floors, vaults, roofs. On the other hand, finishes, locks and systems need to be completely renewed and / or installed from scratch.

The property will make it possible to obtain two residential units, as it was, or more units, as it will also be possible to have a single large house.
The former stable-barn body could become a magnificent “Country-loft”.


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