Studio Bergamaschi Real Estate

Real estate brokerage and advice at every stage of a real estate purchase is a service that requires qualification, professionalism and discretion. The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our commitment.

Studio Bergamaschi Real Estate offers the most interesting real estate sales in the land of Lunigiana, up to the sea, specializing in rustic, historic villages, and “flavorful” houses … including castles. Going up to the premises, located on the first floor, we immediately understand that we are faced, from owners to collaborators, with enthusiasts of their work; from the very first words they transport us into their world “tied to the stone” as there they exclusively offer “the most beautiful rustic houses of Lunigiana”. The work is conceived as a customer service; the most beautiful farmhouses are sought, an accurate recovery study is carried out and everything is proposed to selected customers. With great passion, the buyer is advised and, if he so wishes, followed to the end of the work with the help of trusted artisans and workers who will carry out the restoration work with a clear estimate and without surprises. Each job represents a sort of business card: each client procures, often without knowing it, at least one other. On the other hand, there is a family tradition behind it: since 1933, for several generations, the name Bergamaschi has always been linked to this type of activity and is synonymous with seriousness, reliability … certainty.