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Studio Bergamaschi Estate
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Location: Mulazzo
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Real Estate Bergamaschi
The Estate Agency Bergamaschi offers the most interesting properties on sale in the Lunigiana area, and down as far as the coast. We specialise in rural properties, historic hamlets, and traditional buildings full of character .......including castles. As you walk into our offices, on the first floor, you can immediately sense that you are dealing with a team of experts who have a passion for, and thoroughly enjoy their profession. With our words we will take you into our world, which is full of the traditions of this unique area, to become almost a 'part of the stone work' of the many properties on offer; 'the best rural homes in Lunigaina'. We consider our work to be a service to the client. We look for the best farmhouses and then an accurate study of any restoration work necessary is carried out and the whole package is offered to the client. We advise the client to the best of our abilities and if he so wishes we follow up the whole project and supervise the work. The best local artisans and skilled workers are employed to carry out the various stages of the refurbishment. All work is previously decided and agreed upon according to clear and precise estimates. Every finished project is the best kind of publicity we could possibly wish for, and every satisfied client opens our doors to new clients. Moreover we have a long family tradition in the field: the Bergamaschi family has many years of experience in this sector and their name is synonymous with reliability and professionalism. Since 1933.
Real Estate Bergamaschi
Via Garibaldi, 16 - 54027 Pontremoli (MS)
Via Nazario Sauro, 58 - 54033 Marina di Carrara (MS)
Tel. +39 0187.831224 Fax. +39 0187.461972
Cell.+39 335.6529668 Cell.+39 347.8924194
P.I. 00705980456